Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion runs through everything we do, in every corner of the world. It inspires our people to do great things, and it inspires our innovative work.

For everyone

MiQ is a business where you can feel secure in bringing your whole self to work. Where you’ll learn and be challenged, where you’ll be rewarded and recognized for what you put in, and where you can succeed whoever you are, wherever you’re from, and whatever makes you unique.

Our I.D.E.A.


Without our amazing people, we wouldn’t be MiQ. Making sure everyone feels a true sense of belonging is a top priority. Backed up by data and third-party insights, our annual Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (I.D.E.A.) Report outlines how we’ve supported our people, and what’s to come.

Our third annual I.D.E.A. Report

Focusing on making steady progress and becoming even more authentic, inclusion has become something that inspires.

Our second annual I.D.E.A. Report

Our 2022 I.D.E.A. Report is an honest look at what we’ve achieved, and where we still need to improve.

Our first annual I.D.E.A. Report

This, our first report, is a step in assessing how we’re doing as a business and where we need to make progress.

Anti-racism means action

We’re an anti-racist business. But just saying it isn’t enough. We want to combat racial injustice in our business, in our industry and in society at large. Read about what we’re doing here. An open letter from Lee Puri and Gurman Hundal.

What we’re doing to support Black, Asian and other minority groups.

A few words

of wisdom

We’re all part of creating an inclusive and diverse place to work at MiQ, where different perspectives and individuality is celebrated.

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Aug 302022

A DEI team with a purpose

Here at MiQ, creating an inclusive and diverse place to work is part of who we are. Everyone has a role to play to make sure we create an environment where we all feel safe and able to bring our full selves to work. We also have a dedicated team to support our mission to empower the MiQ community to spark change, internally and externally, with intentional acts of inclusion. Our ambition is to foster diverse teams who celebrate difference and drive innovation. We are committed to a culture of trust, safety, and accountability that supports an equitable workplace for all MiQers.

A DEI team with a purpose